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Generate more leads and manage them seamlessly

EVERLEAD is an outstanding intuitive lead engine. Our all-in-one cloud-based solution enables you to use marketing automation, lead management and personalised cross-channel communication. Start the engine now!


Web Prospecting

Track and analyse – in incredible detail

Track which companies are visiting your website and which content is most popular with your target group. Expand the list of potential customers and evaluate user behaviour.

  • Identify sales potential

  • Relevant target group insights

  • Behaviour-based learning

Lead Generation

Generate attention, collect user data

Gated content, web forms, APIs and much more – so that you make more conversions on your website and collect valuable data. You can then qualify your contacts as valuable sales ready leads with integrated analytics tools.

  • Data collection forms

  • Micro Campaigns

  • Construction of a lead funnel

Lead Scoring

Identify the best leads – automatically

Based on the analysed user behaviour, you identify valuable contacts that you can then systematically develop using EVERLEAD. You can automate your communication activities and flexibly adapt the lead score algorithm to your project requirements.

  • Analysis of sales potential

  • Automated communication

  • Flexible lead score algorithm

Lead Management

Close data gaps, validate leads

Manage and develop existing leads. Missing data can be determined directly from EVERLEAD on the web and on social media. Send newsletters, set up follow-ups and make phone calls using the built-in soft phone.

  • Tool-based completion of contact data

  • Follow-up management

  • Communication directly from EVERLEAD

Maximising sales while minimising workload.
Sounds exciting? It is!
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Micro Campaigns

Personalised communication for maximum sales success

EVERLEAD allows you to launch pre-defined micro campaigns for selected contacts – perfectly adapted to the customer profile that you have created. Efficient marketing workflows support digital and personal communication and increase sales success.

  • Personalised campaigns

  • Automated marketing workflows

  • Combination of digital & dialogue marketing

Automated Workflows

Automate sales and marketing activities

Power up the sales engine: EVERLEAD has a powerful workflow engine for creating communication workflows that you can flexibly adapt to changing project requirements across all channels.

  • Dependency-based workflows

  • Automated multi-channel communication

  • Single and multiple actions

Consent Management

Clever consent management – 100% GDPR-compliant

EVERLEAD enables a target group-specific approach based on the communication channel requested by the user with the selected settings. You comply with data protection regulations and gain an overview of all the opt-ins and opt-outs of your contacts.

  • Central management of all marketing consents

  • 100% GDPR-compliant

  • Developed and hosted in Germany

Dashboard & Reports

Make measurable sales results visible

EVERLEAD provides a clear dashboard for all KPIs in your marketing and sales activities. Comprehensive data analyses show you how successful your activities are with diagrams, graphs and tables.

  • KPI Tracking

  • Customisable performance reports

  • Historical data & real-time tracking

Desktop App for Windows and Mac OS

  • Ready to hand
  • Desktop optimized
  • browser independent


Standstill is a foreign word for our software EVERLEAD and us.


May 2022

Create lists of your target groups or individual VIP companies. This function informs you, depending on your desired interval, as soon as one of these VIPs has visited your website.


May 2022

Mark the most important and valuable contacts.


May 2022

Forget about lists, where you must mark which customer needs to be contacted next. One click, and the "next appointment" will be displayed.


May 2022

The change log shows, which information of the contact person or company was updated last.





EVERLEAD is a scalable tool – you decide how much EVERLEAD you need.

Setup fee

€ 5.000,-

Setup, implementation, initial training

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License fees*

per month

€ 1.500,-

EVERLEAD incl. 5 users

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Further licenses

per month

€ 100,-

for each additional user

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Marketing portal


+ € 10.000,-

Web design & technical implementation

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*Billing takes place once in advance for 12 months