Discover ALEX & GROSS Technology GmbH, the creative team behind EVERLEAD Software, and learn how we drive innovation in lead management.

Our origin

The ALEX & GROSS Group

ALEX & GROSS Technology GmbH is proud to be part of the ALEX & GROSS Group in Mannheim. As experts in international marketing & sales, we offer comprehensive solutions in the areas of consulting, digital, technology and inside sales. Our goal is to help companies optimize their sales and marketing processes and maximize their business success.

Our location


Our dedicated team of around 30 application developers works tirelessly on new, innovative functions for EVERLEAD at the Mannheim site. Thanks to our central location, we are well networked and always up to date with the latest technological developments in the field of lead management.

Our main product


EVERLEAD is our AI-powered lead management software that aims to maximize the efficiency and success of sales and marketing processes. With a wide range of features, such as Marketing Portal, Web Tracking, AI-powered Lead Scoring and Marketing Automation, we offer our customers a powerful solution for their business needs.

Our commitment

to innovation

At ALEX & GROSS Technology GmbH, we are always looking to push the boundaries of what is possible in lead management. We continuously invest in research and development to integrate new technologies and features that give our customers a competitive edge and drive their business success.

Our success story

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